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ComiXology Cuts Out Apple, Kills In-App Purchases on iOS

With the purchase of ComiXology by online distribution giant Amazon, changes were bound to be coming.

The first of those changes went into effect today, as the platform disabled in-app purchases on Apple’s iOS platform. This move was designed to recoup the 30% that Apple skimmed off the top of all purchases made through the ComiXology app, keeping that slice of the pie for ComiXology and the publishers to share instead.

As a part of the change, ComiXology unveiled a new app, simply titled “Comics,” which will allow users to continue reading their previously purchased digital comics, while encouraging them to visit the ComiXology website for direct purchasing. Future comics purchases on the ComiXology website will also continue to be synced to iOS devices.

As of the release of this article, similar changes had not been employed to the DC and Marvel apps for iOS, but that is almost surely coming.

In order to help ease user concerns, ComiXology posted a $5.00 credit to the accounts of existing users, which became available today.